Prydzhin’s riot proved the massive use of Putin’s lookalikes

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The issue of the Russian dictator’s presence and use of double agents has a long history. As, after all, any dictator who has reason to expect his own premature death. However, after the full-scale invasion began, experts and even some European journalists started talking about it.

In issue #222 of Deutsche Welle’s satirical project Zapovednik, the so-called St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the participation of Putin’s double in it are harshly ridiculed.

Ukrainian intelligence also warned that Putin was seriously ill and that his public functions could be performed by his doubles.

Budanov on Putin’s double: there are “punctures”

At the same time, in Russia, all conversations on this topic were impossible.

However, after the Pryzhyn rebellion, which ended very quickly, the Russian information space was “broken through.” Russians were reminded that the so-called Russian military commanders had to undergo a two-week quarantine to meet with Putin.

And that for some reason, some “versions” of Putin do not adhere to this.

They also wrote about the strange coincidences in time when Putin was in two places at the same time.

As a result, in the Russian information space, one can increasingly hear doubts about whether Putin is alive and who is running Russia. And if earlier only Ukrainian intelligence and Western partners talked about it, now it is a matter of internal Russian discussion.

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