Russia has launched a fake that “the United States, with the help of Zaluzhny and Budanov,” is preparing a coup d’état in February 2024;

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On November 10, a number of Russian telegram channels, mostly of the so-called “Novorossiysk” orientation, published a message that a coup d’état was allegedly being prepared in Ukraine. And it is supposed to be led by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhnyi and the Head of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov.

Despite the certain banality of such regular injections, there is something interesting in this case.

The main source of this “news” is the Chinese website: sina.com.cn.

Despite all our efforts, we did not find this information on the websites whose screenshots are being distributed by the enemy. However, we don’t have people in our team who are fluent in Chinese, so we leave open the possibility that such information was published. Although everything looks like a banal editing of the page code.

Another source of this “news” was the website Asia Times. Despite its name, the site is read mainly in the United States. According to the SimilarWeb service, it has up to 2 million monthly visitors, which is not a lot for such resources.

Here, Russia’s ears are sticking out quite openly. Because clicking on “Larry Johnson thinks” takes us to the website of the Sputnik news agency, which is part of the Rossiya Segodnya daily. Although according to legend, this Larry Johnson is a “retired officer” of the CIA.

So, to summarize: taking advantage of the internal Ukrainian situation and “heating up” the topic of Valeriy Zaluzhny’s resignation and his alleged conflict with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the enemy almost immediately, albeit on its knees, created another fake aimed at making another split in Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

It is important to be careful about this and not to disseminate unverified information. And also to minimize internal political conflicts until the end of the war.

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