You need to know the enemy by sight: Useful Idiot website collects data on Western “figures” who help Russia in its information war against Ukraine

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On Twitter, Ukrainian musician Freel (Andriy Shalimov) drew attention to the activities of Henry Foy, the European correspondent and former head of the Moscow office of the Financial Times, who has been systematically spreading Russian fakes and propaganda narratives in the widely respected publication for many months. One of his latest publications distorted the words of the now former Prime Minister of Moldova about the war in Ukraine.

Useful Idiot

In the original Freel thread, whose opening tweet cannot be quoted in the print edition due to the author’s emotional language, Oleksandr Ivanov (Ukrainian IT professional, scholar and activist, founder of the Surrender Movement and other organizations) replied that he was adding Henry Foy to the database of the Useful Idiot website (to which he is obviously related).

Useful Idiot

Useful Idiot is an English-language database dedicated to those involved in spreading Russian propaganda in countries. It contains photos, brief annotations, direct quotes from social media and the press, videos, and other materials exposing the activities of individuals and organizations. The profiles of the defendants have tags that reveal various aspects of their propaganda activities.

Useful Idiot

The first entry in the database of the usefulidiot.info website dates back to December 24, 2022. So far, only 40 profiles have been published on the site, but as we can see, it is being actively updated. The About section reads:

“This site is about useful idiots who openly or secretly support Russian imperialism, Russian Nazism, Russian aggression against Ukraine and other countries, Russian energy wars, and Russian apologists.

Useful idiots often disguise their support for Russia under the guise of independent thought. We understand that people may have different opinions about politics and war. It’s okay to have your own opinion. Our goal is to expose politicians, journalists, TV hosts, and public figures who systematically serve Russian imperialist interests directly or indirectly.

Being useful idiots and serving the interests of Russia, people often undermine the freedom, security, stability and prosperity of their countries. Modern Russia is a fascist state and a threat to global peace, democracy and stability. Useful idiots are helping Russia undermine these basic human values, and their actions must be exposed.”

You can contact the authors and help supplement the database of information collaborators in Russia by using the email address contactusefulidinfo at gmail.com. It is quite obvious that there are a lot of “useful idiots” missing.

Important: A lecture by the author of the Useful Idiot website, Oleksandr Ivanov, will be held at InfoLight.UA on March 7. In addition to this project, we will talk about artificial intelligence and its applications, prospects, and reality. Oleksandr is a PhD in artificial intelligence and co-author of the Law on the Use of Ukrainian as the State Language.

To participate in our project, please fill out this form: https://bit.ly/infolight_2023

We’ll let you in on a secret) The InfoLight.UA team is also a little involved in the Useful Idiot project, and you can become a volunteer!

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