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Last night, it became known that a “club of angry patriots” had been formed in Russia, a group of propagandists united around Gorkin who officially announced the beginning of the struggle for power “after Putin.” According to Yuriy Goncharenko, head of the Yuriy Goncharenko research and analytical group, this is another political project aimed at regime change in Russia.

Yuriy Goncharenko pointed out that among the hostile elite in Russia, another force has formed that “props up” Putin’s power, after “the younger Patrushev and Pogorizhin (not Yossi). He also noted that the online streaming of the conversation between the producer and the oligarch can be seen as a certain signal to the international community about the future of Russia without Putin.

It is obvious that Putin is in huge trouble. Strategically, he can no longer control all the groups of influence that are starting an independent policy, Goncharenko said.

These groups put up banners under which they will gather supporters to be ready to jump at the throat of their competitors at hour X.

As for Ukraine’s attitude to the situation, Honcharenko recommends helping the Ukrainian Defense Forces to push Russia into a state of “rat race” as soon as possible, when Russia’s internal problems will turn into a war of all against all.

“Ukraine needs to return Russia to the state of February 1917, but make sure that no Bolsheviks are revived there again,” Goncharenko said.

The head of the InfoLight.UA research and analytical group also drew attention to the fact that the West must understand that the so-called “Russian liberals” have no influence or prospects. Therefore, in his opinion, cooperation with the “Navalnyks” is meaningless and has no prospects.

Regarding the video released by the “club of angry patriots,” Yuriy Honcharenko noted that each of the speakers repeated their positions that they have been expressing recently. “There is nothing new. But if you don’t watch, you will see the concise and concentrated position of this audience,” he summarized.

Thus, according to Yuriy Goncharenko, the birth of the “club of angry patriots” may indicate a deterioration of the situation within the Russian elite and the growth of internal confrontations. Ukraine and the international community should closely monitor developments and act accordingly.

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