There is no evidence of Ukraine’s involvement in the undermining of Nord Stream, InfoLight study says

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The materials about Ukraine’s involvement in the undermining of Nord Stream, which simultaneously appeared in leading Western media, have a Russian trace and indicate that the customers are trying to quarrel Ukraine with Germany and other Western partners.

This conclusion was made by the research and analysis group InfoLight.UA based on its own investigation.

In the publication “Ukraine is being attacked in the information field again: what is wrong with the materials about sabotage on the Nord Stream pipelines” The researchers point out that the materials about Ukraine’s alleged involvement in sabotage of Russian gas pipelines appeared on the same day in the American The New York Times and in the European conglomerate of the ARD television and radio company, the ARD Kontraste magazine, and the SWR and ZEIT publications. At the same time, none of these materials contains any evidence or even references to sources of information.

The New York Times article reports that “new intelligence suggests that the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline was carried out by a ‘pro-Ukrainian group’. At the same time, there is neither evidence nor direct quotes with names and positions in the material. The material of the European conglomerate is no less controversial. It has a little more specific data, but it looks even more “tied to Ukraine”“,
– InfoLight.UA researchers conclude.

They also point out that the term pro-Ukrainian group is used in both materials.

It is noteworthy that the term pro-Ukrainian group is used in both stories that appeared on the same day on both sides of the Atlantic. Groups of journalists independent of each other

InfoLight.UA emphasizes.

The lack of facts and direct evidence was compensated for by the commissioners of these materials by involving well-known journalists, the researchers state.

“The materials were authored by very reputable journalists. Accordingly, the obvious lack of at least some evidence in the materials was compensated for by big names. This should divert attention from the content of the articles and the “strange” synchronization of the appearance of these materials,” InfoLight.UA said in a statement.

The investigators emphasize that the reaction of Russian propagandists to the publications is also indicative of their paid-for nature.

“They should have taken these versions on board and started to spin this story as much as possible, intensifying the accusations against Ukraine. However, most of them continue to insist on the previous version – that Nord Stream was undermined by the United States. This means that Russia is playing on two boards at the same time. On one, it is trying to quarrel at least Ukraine and Germany, and the materials we have studied show exactly that. The other is the continuation of the escalation of Russian society’s hatred of the Americans, because according to Putin’s “general line,” the United States is now Russia’s main enemy, with whom it is at war. After all, to recognize for its population that Ukrainians are capable of disabling Russia’s top geopolitical projects is a blow to the reputation of all Russian special services combined.”InfoLight.UA writes.

Even a publication by a European media conglomerate states that “international security circles do not rule out that this could also be a false flag operation.”

Ukraine’s official position is clear: we are not involved in these events in any way. Similarly, everything points to Russia as the alleged mastermind of this bombing. And the appearance of such materials and the reaction of Russian spokespersons to them is further confirmation of this.”

summarize the authors of the publication in InfoLight.UA.

As reported, on September 26, 2022, explosions occurred at the Russian Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, leading to gas leaks. As a result, gas supplies through these pipelines were suspended. At the time, many officials claimed that Russia was involved in the bombings.

Reference. The online media of the Research and Analysis Group InfoLight.UA was created on October 4, 2022. The project is implemented by the Democracy Promotion Foundation (Ukraine) with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine (Germany).

Published: Channel 24

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