Why are there no mobilization scandals in Russia?

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An interesting question that is not often asked in Ukraine is why there are so few mobilization scandals from Erephia on the Internet and in the Ukrainian segment of social networks? Why is no one there filming the misconduct of Russian military officers, and why aren’t excited women attacking vehicles with military personnel?

Do we believe that there are no such offenses in Erephia because Russia is a state governed by the rule of law and does not carry out brutal, violent mobilization? It is quite obvious to us that mobilization there is carried out in the worst traditions of rudeness and civil disenfranchisement. Erefia does not care about violating the constitutional rights of citizens and can grab people on the streets and drive them into meat assaults without any semblance of compliance with the law.

And all those who filmed or published videos or video camera data showing the brutal actions of the Russian military in Erephia have disappeared somewhere. And no video recordings of Russian mobilization scandals are ever posted on the Internet, or are quickly deleted. For some reason, discrediting videos of the Russian military do not linger on Chinese Tik-Tok and Russian Telegram.

Instead, videos of conflict situations with representatives of the TCC, often filmed in unknown locations, are widely circulated in Ukraine, often cut in such a way that the beginning of the conflict is not visible, but in fact, the military were provoked or even beaten. While in Russia people are imprisoned for disrupting mobilization or criticizing an aggressive war, Ukrainian democracy, especially on the eve of European integration agreements, must act within the framework of European legislation on provocateurs who disrupt mobilization to please the enemy.

There are significant problems in our country, not least because of the choice of citizens at the polls, but why do Ukrainians so often see “spots” only on the white figures of this geopolitical confrontation, but not on the black figures?

The next time we see another video with “mobilization scandals” on social media, we should think about why they show it to us, what message they want to convey, why they discredit Ukrainians, and what are the best people who spread it? After all, if we talk about the shortcomings of mobilization in Ukraine and Russia, Russian propaganda and their useful idiots in Ukraine are like the hypocrite in the biblical parable who sees a speck of dust in someone else’s eye and doesn’t notice the log in his own.

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