The main tactical task of the Kremlin

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The lion’s share of mobilization scandals in Ukraine have been blown out of proportion by Russian special services, and disrupting the mobilization of the Armed Forces is Erefia’s main tactical objective at this stage of the military confrontation.

Ukraine has an imperfect system of recruiting military personnel and the government has not yet eradicated many systemic shortcomings, but pro-Russian forces in the information space are trying to make the TCK look like a greater “enemy” of Ukrainians than the army of Russian killers. Many fakes about mobilization have been launched in the Ukrainian segment of social media, and cases of corruption in government agencies are being exaggerated and replicated on a massive scale.

The main message of such an IPSO is clear: to demotivate Ukrainians to defend their homeland and make it easier for the Russian army. Since ancient times, the art of war has valued victory over the enemy not only on the battlefield, but also by disorganizing it. Having caught the bug and washed their hands of blood on the contact line, the Russians increased the amount of money spent on information operations to disrupt the replenishment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. So, all kinds of seemingly plausible versions, but in fact fakes, have been launched and are attacking the minds of Ukrainians in order to break our resistance and force us to surrender at the negotiating table. Everything is being used: from stories about a mythical undeclared “state of war” that does not exist in Ukrainian law, and therefore “mobilization is illegal,” to manipulations in the style of “the government is illegitimate because there are no elections.”

But the barbaric times that Erephia brought to our land dictate the rules for the survival of the nation, according to which we no longer have the opportunity, as before, to consider the state as a service apparatus that owes us many comfortable services, and the army should be a small team of contract special forces who will solve all our security problems.

No matter how imperfect the Ukrainian state system or the TCC may be, the alternative is the arrival of the Russian occupation Leviathan, which is much more fierce and ruthless. By the way, Erefia has already started mobilizing men in the occupied Ukrainian territories. But the inhuman treatment of Ukrainian recruits by the Russian military commissars is not replicated on social media in the same way as minor mobilization scandals with Ukrainian military recruiting centers. There, Ukrainian boys and men are being forced into the meaty assaults of the hell of war, and no one has the opportunity to film human rights violations or call lawyers.

If the Russians succeed in sowing a sufficient level of panic, apathy, and traitorousness among Ukrainians, the alternative will be Ukraine’s surrender, and in a few years a new, more prepared wave of Russian invasion. After all, the Kremlin dwarf needs all of Ukraine, and it can only absorb it in parts. Many of those who are actively disrupting the defense of the Ukrainian homeland today will be brutally mobilized into the Russian army and thrown to storm Warsaw or Krakow in the event of Ukraine’s defeat.

If the mobilization fails and the frontline collapses, the country will face new Mariupol and Bucha, and those who undermine Ukraine’s defense capabilities today will become waste material for the Russians tomorrow. Our task is to prevent the implementation of the Russian scenario and to prevent certain unbalanced individuals and Russian agents from turning the whole of Ukraine into Mariupol. Ukrainians have demonstrated to themselves and the world that we are strong at the front, but it is equally important to be strong in the rear and not to succumb to enemy provocations.

Author: Valeriy Maydanyuk

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