“Detector Media removes false news that Tucker Carlson hosts a show on Russia 24 – reaction to InfoLight.ua research

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Today, on May 21, a number of Ukrainian media outlets, including Detector Media, spread the news that American blogger Tucker Carlson has his own show on the Russian propaganda channel Russia 24. The news turned out to be fake, it was spread by the Russian edition of Ura.ru, and from there it got into the Ukrainian media space.

In fact, Tucker Carlson does not have a show on Russia 24. Since September 2, 2023, Russian propagandists have been posting Carlson’s video from his own YouTube channel with a Russian translation on the VGTRK platform Smozim.ru and adding a “Tusker. Russia 24”. Thus, 32 videos have been translated, as well as fragments of his interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian World ideologue Alexander Dugin.

The information that Tucker Carlson would host a show on a Russian channel was spread by Russian state media back in September 2023, but Carlson himself said he did not know about it. Today, he also refused to answer the question of The Daily Beast whether he knew about translations of his show for the Russian channel.

InfoLight.ua was the first to point out the mistake of a number of Ukrainian media outlets that spread the false news.

“Detector Media has removed the original news and apologizes to its readers for the error.

Source: “Detector Media

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