The enemy will be squeezed out of the border in Kharkiv region, but not at the cost of redeploying forces from the strategic direction in Donetsk region;

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An analysis of the operational situation in the Kharkiv sector shows that the situation is difficult, but not critical. The active phase of the hostile border operation continues, but it is a border operation.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, over the next few days, Russia will exhaust all the forces that were on the border with Kharkiv region. Then, in order to develop their attacks, they will have to move reserves.

The Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov is currently in the sector with combat intelligence units. Key commanders and representatives of the military command of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine are also present; The combat work continues.

The intensity of the enemy’s advance has significantly decreased. The Russians are now “isolated” on the frontiers they managed to “jump into” at the beginning. In 5 days, the Russian group advanced 7.5 km deep into Ukrainian territory in the direction of Hlyboke and Lukianske.

The forces of the Russian occupation army have been slightly thrown back in the direction of the attack on Vovchansk. Currently, their advance deep into Ukrainian territory has been stopped at the 4.5 km mark. Information about the encirclement of Vovchansk is not true. The fighting is taking place on the outskirts of the settlement.

In other words, the success of the Russian “breakthrough” has been greatly exaggerated and is taking place mainly in the information space. This is the main goal of the enemy: to sow panic, primarily through the rear and some journalists, to put pressure on the combat units of the Defense Forces.

The other goal, which is the main one, is to force Ukraine to redeploy additional forces from other areas to expose the front where the enemy is really attacking.

As for Sumy region: the enemy planned to launch an operation there in parallel with the “invasion” of Kharkiv region. However, the situation did not allow the enemy to realize this plan. Risks, of course, remain. Small groups of Russian forces remain on the border with Sumy region, which could potentially attempt a breakthrough.

But the defense in the Sumy sector has been further strengthened. Available reserves have been utilized.

The conditional advance of Russian groups in the north has a single reason: limited Ukrainian reserves. Whereas Russia has no problem “spending” approximately several thousand personnel to conduct information and psychological activities.

The delay in Western aid and the existing problems with mobilization have caused an imbalance of forces at the front. Now the Ukrainian army’s task is to finally stabilize the front line. In the future, after the bulk of Western aid arrives and mobilization processes intensify, the operation to liberate Ukrainian territories will begin.

Regarding the panic story in the NYT with the comments of the head of Ukrainian intelligence. This is not the first time that The New York Times has presented its own interpretation of events as fact. Pulling out phrases without the real context of the conversation and clickbait headlines directly threaten the safety of Ukrainian citizens.

In his commentary on television after the NYT article, Kirill Budanov made it clear that, with all due respect to the foreign and respected publication, his words and clearly combative attitude were not conveyed correctly.

In order for the enemy to start retreating, they need to be knocked out. It will not go anywhere on its own, you have to understand that. The battles will continue and they will not be easy. However, I say again, this situation is not catastrophic at the moment. There is no need to panic. By the way, the main goal of this operation is, in principle, an information operation to create chaos and panic, backing it up with actions, as they say, on the ground. In order to force our groups, let’s say, to retreat in the eastern directions, so that it would seem that they are beginning to surround and cut it off. But this is not the case. Second, to destabilize the situation inside Ukraine. Again, I say, calm down, nothing terrible is happening.

Commentary of the Chief of Ukrainian Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov for the telethon “United News”
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