On the “murder” of Russian pilot Kuzminov in Spain

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Ukrainian intelligence operates according to American standards: to protect a valuable witness or person, it is sometimes necessary to stage a murder. But of course, this is just a version. Although the reaction of some Russian propagandists is exactly what it is.

Why are we writing about this? Because the enemy has to start doubting. And Ukrainian society needs to reject the idea that Ukrainian intelligence may not protect the person to whom it promised to protect. Finally, potential followers of Maksym Kuzmin should not doubt the reliability of the Ukrainian defense.

So, on January 19, the media reported on the execution in Spain, in the municipality of La Vila Joyosa, of Russian pilot Maxim Kuzminov, who in August 2023 ferried a Russian Mi-8 combat helicopter to Ukraine.

This was the well-known special operation of the Ukrainian intelligence service “Titmouse” – the first case of deliberate surrender of military equipment to Ukraine by the enemy. For this, the Russian pilot received a cash reward of 500 thousand. dollars. His family was transported from Russia to Ukraine in advance.

At the same time, sn the actual murder of Kuzminov, the official position of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine is now available. The structure confirms the death of the Russian pilot. This was stated by a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Andriy Yusov, in a commentary to Suspilne.

The safest option for Kuzminov was to stay with his family in Ukraine, where the GUR could guarantee his safety.

However, he chose to move to one of the European countries. The pilot was extremely reckless and even stated this publicly. He probably realized this plan by moving to Spain.

No intelligence agency in the world is able to guarantee the safety of a person, even its own ward, on the territory of another sovereign state. They have their own special services and their own laws.

Spain is a European “mecca” for Russian migrants. The province of Alicante, where Kuzminov’s murder took place, is one of the most populated by Russians. The probability of being noticed and recognized is extremely high.

In such circumstances, any random passerby could have leaked the location of the “defector” to the Russian special services. Not to mention that there are Russian agents in Europe as well. And this is also the area of responsibility of European security structures, which for some reason they systematically ignore.

It should be reminded that the infamous Sharii lives in Spain.

Kuzminov chose Spain at his own peril. Perhaps without fully realizing the seriousness of the situation.

But there is something in this situation that makes us doubt the official position of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. This is too quick a public reaction.

It doesn’t seem logical. It is as if we ourselves are giving a pass to Russian propaganda.

We analyze how the events developed.

The first wave of information about Kuzminov’s liquidation in Spain was spread around 17:30 by the Russian media, citing an article in the Italian-language Il-Corrispondente. An article with the eloquent headline “Traitors don’t live long”. The article also contains statements such as “the pilot paid for his greed”. Obviously, no media outlet that is even slightly objective would write like that.

Il-Corrispondente, in turn, referred to a short news item in the Spanish media outlet ABC, which stated only the fact that a man had been shot. No details. There are no assessments.

Russian propaganda was happy to grab this gift from Il-Corrispondente, and within an hour the news was on all Russian platforms. Then Ukrainian media paid attention to it. An hour and a half later, the GUR reacts, essentially admitting its mistake. It doesn’t happen that way.

It looks like a well-planned information operation. Moreover, our intelligence.

In the United States, there is a so-called “witness protection” program, under which, in order to protect a person, the US intelligence services often resort to staging a murder.

This technique is also used when “acting proactively”: already knowing about the planned liquidation.

In Ukraine, there have already been cases when special services staged a murder to prevent a real murder. It may be that we are now witnessing a similar situation.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine could not help but show Maxim Kuzminov and tell about the special operation – it is a powerful element of propaganda aimed at the enemy.

However, having exposed Kuzminov, we had to do something about it: the world is not as big as we think it is. The GUR found a way out.

After all, Russian propaganda has already begun to doubt its own version of the “punishment of the traitor.”

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