Mullvad Browser, a modern tool to ensure complete anonymity on the Internet, is presented

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The developers of the Tor browser, known for its high level of personal data protection, have presented a new project – Mullvad Browser. It is a browser that uses VPN technology to ensure anonymity on the Internet.

Mullvad Browser was created in partnership with the Mullvad VPN service, which guarantees that no data about your online activity is collected, stored, or transmitted to third parties. Unlike Tor, Mullvad Browser does not rely on onion routing technology, which can slow down page loading speeds and restrict access to some sites. Instead, it connects to one of Mullvad’s servers, which masks your real IP address and encrypts your traffic.

Mullvad Browser also has a built-in privacy mode that automatically deletes all traces of your browsing activity after each session. This means that no browsing history, cache, or cookies will be stored on your device. In addition, Mullvad Browser does not collect any telemetry that could identify you or your online behavior.

Mullvad Browser is a free and open source project that is available for various platforms. You can download the browser versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, or install an extension for Firefox.

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