The enemy uses Reznikov’s fake channel to spread disinformation about the Ukrainian Defense Forces: study.

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Today, the infamous telegram channel “Cherchevyi OOS”, which was recognized as pro-Russian back in 2021 but was actively advertised in Ukraine, has returned to the information space after being “rebranded”.

As a reminder, in 2021, the National Guard of Ukraine tweeted that “The NachStab and Cherchevyi OOS Telegram channels are Russian projects that have nothing to do with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In order to mislead users, these channels are presented as Ukrainian-language, but they are not Ukrainian.”

So, on December 22, 2023, the channel “Chervonyi OOS” was renamed to “Reznikov’s Memoirs”.

A couple of days later, disinformation was posted about the case of the poisoning of the wife of the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, Marianna.

However, the peculiarity of Telegram is that there are services that allow you to see the entire history of the channel, and even deleted posts.

As you can see, this channel is cited by the so-called “z-publics” and Russian propagandists (among the 697 channels that cite this channel, there are no pro-Ukrainian channels at all, but there are channels by “Vladlen Tatarsky”, “Gorkin” and others).

On the other hand, the channel disseminates posts and information from channels related to the Azov regiment and individual representatives of the Azov movement. This is a typical Russian technique, which, on the one hand, is to fill the channel with patriotic content, and on the other hand, to provoke conflicts, since, if you do not look into it in detail, you can assume that it is the Azov people who are the administrators of this channel.

However, we found many posts where the channel, back when it was “Chervonyi OOS”, was advertised in the selections of openly hostile channels.

You can also see, for example, who quoted posts from this channel on the day of the full-scale invasion.

And what content was reposted.

We will be monitoring the development of the “reincarnation” of this Russian propaganda platform, and we urge readers and journalists to practice information hygiene.

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