Israeli public and security forces designate Russian propagandist Skabeyeva a “legitimate target”

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The non-governmental security community Terror Alarm declared Skabeyeva and other Russian propagandists a “legitimate target” for publicly mocking captured Israeli women.

For example, a message on the Twitter account of this closed security and intelligence community stated that since Russia openly mocks the female IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hamas, “Israelis will NEVER forget this.” And “after we (Terror Alarm – Infolight) deal with Hamas and Gaza, Moscow will pay for being the world capital of anti-Semitism.”

“This is a promise of blood. Putin’s chief propagandist, Olga Skabeyeva, is also a legitimate target,” is the key message of the message.

Background. Terror Alarm is a non-governmental security community with a high level of access that not only alerted authorities to terrorist attacks when they occurred, but also helped prevent many terrorist attacks at the height of the ISIS attacks in Europe in 2014-2017.

Terror Alarm is self-funded by activists and journalists, as well as other individuals.

Terror Alarm operates in Israel and European countries. Public services include security services, including but not limited to professional business intelligence, brand protection and intellectual property investigations, background checks, asset location investigations, evidence collection, and private bodyguards for celebrities and politicians.

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