Drone attack on Pskov airfield is the result of a well-planned GUR operation (DETAILS)

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Last night, unmanned aerial vehicles attacked the territory of Russia, striking a number of targets. First of all, we know about the destruction of four cargo planes at the Kresty airfield in Pskov, and about the same number of damaged planes, the condition of which is still unknown.

We confirm the destruction of four enemy IL-76 transport aircraft. Destroyed means that the damage inflicted does not allow the aircraft to be restored and returned to the ranks and missions. They are used to transport the occupiers’ personnel and their equipment. There is also information about damage to several other units

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, confirmed.

In addition, there are reports of an oil depot near the airport being hit, which caused a massive fire that was very well attended at night and possibly some other objects, as the Russian authorities had emergency police cordons around the area.

In Bryansk, we can say for sure that the building of the local branch of the Russian terrorist investigative committee and the Kremniy EL microelectronics plant were hit. In particular, elements of the Pantsyr and Iskander missile systems are produced there. According to the Russian authorities, all targets were shot down by air defense, so it was air defense missiles that caused the explosion that damaged the strategic enterprise.

In the morning, the attacks continued in Bryansk, with a TV tower coming under attack.

In Tula, a military unit and a metallurgical plant were allegedly hit. Russian propagandists immediately tried to pass off the video of the explosion as “normal operation of the enterprise.”

Strikes of varying intensity were also carried out in Kaluga, Ryazan, Orel and Moscow itself.

According to our information, this operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense was being prepared for several weeks. A coordinated attack was planned on several fronts at once to test the ability of Russian air defense to repel combined attacks. In addition to those announced in the media, several other very important targets were hit, which the enemy is obviously silent about.

There was no civilian target in this attack, only military and logistics facilities responsible for the aggression against Ukraine.

Western media have already called today’s attack “the largest drone attack in the entire war.”

It’s a long night. But to think that the air war is now truly mutual, and on the Ukrainian side it is based exclusively on Ukrainian-made systems, is extraordinary. Russia has lost its initiative and ability to shape events in all spheres. Ukraine will benefit from both, in all areas.

wrote former NATO representative Edward Hunter Christie

Traditionally, Russians do not recognize their own failures and Ukraine’s ability to inflict painful blows, so this morning the Kremlin’s propaganda machine began spreading the narrative of a “strike from Estonia.”

Maria Zakharova, as an official, said only that “these strikes could not have happened without the help of the West.”

To summarize, it is worth noting a really well-planned operation, for which Ukraine, of course, is not officially responsible).

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