RDC commander addresses residents of Nova Tavolzhanka, Belgorod Oblast, with a proposal to restore their homes destroyed by the occupiers

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The commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), Denis Nikitin ,addressed the residents of the village of Nova Tavolzhanka in the Belgorod region of Russia with a video message.

In it, he emphasizes that the villagers are hoping in vain for help from the Russian central government, since“it is naive to believe that even local officials are interested in your fate, so you will definitely not reach the capital’s leadership.”

There is no point in hoping for Governor Gladkov either – he has repeatedly shown himself to be a common coward who did not find the courage to take the military out of our hands, so he will not hear you, civilians, either.

Nikitin explains that the Russian Volunteer Corps is ready to“lend a helping hand” to those who did not take up arms and did not participate in the invasion of Ukraine.

If you are ready to accept our disinterested help, record a video message at the same place and indicate the contact person with whom we will contact via the appropriate messenger.

says the RDC commander.
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