Official statement of the Kalinowski Regiment on information about rocket attacks from the territory of Belarus (TEXT, VIDEO)

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On Saturday, August 5, the Russian occupiers attacked Ukraine with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles and cruise missiles. According to monitoring channels and subsequent comments in the media, it could be concluded that some of the missiles were launched from the territory of Belarus.

This information was denied by a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, in a comment to Ukrinform.

As for the missiles from Belarus, it was probably an electronic launch or an imitation of a launch, since Russian troops, forces and means are deployed in that country to engage it in a war against Ukraine.

he noted.

The Kastus Kalinowski Regiment also issued a statement on the matter, the text and video of which we publish in full.

Dear Belarusians!

Today, information was spread that a missile attack on the territory of Ukraine was launched from the territory of Belarus.

I officially declare that according to the information we have in detail, no attacks from Belarus took place. This is yet another attempt by Russia to drag the Lukashenko regime into a full-scale war.

Belarus is under the military occupation of Russia, and Putin, losing the war, a war he started himself by manipulating the fear of the Belarusian dictator, is once again trying to make Belarusians complicit in crimes against humanity.

I appeal to all Belarusians and the military: do not carry out the criminal orders that Lukashenka is receiving from the Kremlin. Do not give your lives for the power of a mad dictator and do not be deceived.

Long live Belarus!

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