Andriy Yusov exposed the “ex-colonel” of the GUR, promoted by Russian propaganda

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The terrorist country Russia has significantly intensified its information and psychological operations in Ukraine, in particular those aimed at convincing Ukrainians that Donbas is not part of Ukraine. For these purposes, Russia used “ex-colonel” of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Denys Desyatnyk, who has no relation to the GUR, OBOZREVATEL reports .

“This person is not a lieutenant colonel of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and has never been an officer of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and has no authority to make any statements on behalf of the security and defense sector of Ukraine in general and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine in particular,” said Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

As Yusov explained,“the enemy continues to conduct information and psychological operations against Ukraine and does it very actively in a direct and indirect way.”

In the context of Desyatnyk’ s thesis that Donbas, in particular, Donetsk and Luhansk, are allegedly pro-Russian and should remain under occupation, the DIU representative said that Ukraine had long ago voiced its unequivocal position on this issue.

The position of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military and political leadership, and the entire security and defense sector is unequivocal: within the framework of international law, Ukraine must restore its sovereignty and return to the internationally recognized borders of 1991. We have no other borders

Yusov added that the dominance of pro-Russian sentiment in the occupied Donbas is out of the question, as even in the “de facto concentration camp” that the Russian occupiers have turned this Ukrainian region into, there is clear evidence that “Donbas was and is Ukrainian.”

The representative of the GUR told about an illustrative case that occurred in public transport in Mariupol. “Just yesterday (June 19 – Ed.), a video was posted on social media in which two young people in public transport in Mariupol put the Russian occupier in his place, expressed to his face what they thought about the invaders and how they “liberated” the city by destroying it. A few hours later, they were forced to apologize to the occupiers, of course, by force.”.

The number of prisoners of war, including fighters from Donbas, illegally detained persons, civilians from the Ukrainian Donbas, political prisoners, killed people who fought for Ukraine, as well as the number of those who continue to fight, provide active or passive assistance to the security and defense forces of Ukraine, clearly demonstrate that Donbas was Ukrainian, is Ukrainian and will definitely return to Ukraine’s control officially and in fact, and the “Russian world” will perish

Yusov said.

He added that Russian passports, which were forcibly distributed to Donbas residents, would not be an obstacle to their return to Ukraine.

Forced passportization is a crime in itself. Accordingly, Ukraine does not recognize illegitimate documents

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