The DIU continues to eliminate collaborators in Melitopol, the traitors’ whereabouts are known;

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Згенеровано нейромережею

Sources of #ResistanceNews in the temporarily occupied Melitopol report that the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and the local resistance movement continued to track down and eliminate the most prominent collaborators.

For example, yesterday morning, a well-known collaborator, Oleksandr Mishchenko, was liquidated. He was the deputy head of the fake Melitopol police department and provided personal protection to the gauleiter Galina Danilchenko.

This incident caused panic among the occupiers, and as a result, the next action – a bombing at 48 Gryzodubova Street, where another well-known collaborators, Natalia and Roman Doloman, live – did not result in their being sent to the kobzon concert.

However, intelligence sources report that the whereabouts of these and other collaborators are known and tracked in real time. Therefore, no one will be able to escape from punishment.

#ResistanceNews is a project of the research and analysis group InfoLight.UA to cover the events and Ukrainian in the temporarily occupied territories in order to facilitate their early return under Ukrainian control. Separately, the project helps Ukrainians in the TOT who cannot leave the occupation for some reason.

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