Collaborator Serhiy Moskalenko killed in occupied Nova Kakhovka (UPDATED)

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In occupied Nova Kakhovka, a local collaborator, the owner of the Nova Kakhovka security firm Jaguar, Serhiy Moskalenko, was killed in another “cotton” attack, sources in the temporarily occupied territories report.

In May 2022, the deceased traitor voluntarily cooperated with the invaders and provided the occupation administration with information about local activists, military, law enforcement officers and ATO participants. Subsequently, Serhiy Moskalenko agreed to take the position of “head of the pre-trial detention center” in Nova Kakhovka in the so-called “Novokakhovka police department”. Also, under his leadership, a torture chamber was set up in the police building, where the occupiers abused Ukrainian prisoners of war.

In September 2022, the Kherson Regional Prosecutor’s Office notified Moskalenko in absentia of suspicion of collaboration – voluntarily holding a position in an illegal law enforcement agency established in the temporarily occupied territory (Part 7 of Article 111-1 of the Criminal Code).

The death of the traitor Serhiy Moskalenko indicates deep internal conflicts between local collaborators and representatives of the occupation administrations. According to available information, among the claims against Moskalenko were accusations of appropriating loot from local residents without the consent of “higher authorities.”

Obviously, in anticipation of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which will lead to the widespread liberation of the territories, the occupiers are “cleaning up” the circle of people involved in serious crimes and who may provide information about them to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies after their arrest.

UPDATE: According to updated information, the collaborator’s car was blown up last night after he drove away from the building of the village council in Yuvileine. As a result of the explosion, his body was torn in half. The occupation so-called administration introduced a counterintelligence interception regime and intensified police measures.

Pro-Ukrainian residents should be careful!

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