Artificial intelligence: the impossible is already a reality. List of useful AI services

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As we have already announced, on March 7, we will be talking about new technologies of the information society, artificial intelligence, and neural networks with Oleksandr Ivanov, PhD, an artificial intelligence specialist who will join our project online directly from Silicon Valley. From him, we will hear directly about artificial intelligence and its application, a new reality that has already taken place. And what are the threats.

Oleksandr is also a well-known civic activist, founder of the “Switch to Ukrainian ” initiative and co-author of the concept and text of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Functioning of Ukrainian as the State Language“.

However, you can already study and test AI services, which were advised by Cosmos Studio’s creative director and founder Ilya Kulbachny on his Facebook page on Facebook. Here is a list of them with links and his comments.

Instructions on how to use GPT chat from Ukraine:

Earlier, Chief Marketing Officer at ProfiSea Andriy Burlutsky compiled a list of services that help to create marketing content based on artificial intelligence.

  1. https://www.jasper.ai/
  2. https://www.marketmuse.com/
  3. https://www.copy.ai/
  4. https://cohere.ai/
  5. https://anyword.com/
  6. https://aiseo.ai/
  7. https://writer.com/
  8. https://www.persado.com/
  9. https://lex.page/
  10. https://inkforall.com/
  11. https://hyperwriteai.com/
  12. https://www.grammarly.com/
  13. https://gocharlie.ai/
  14. https://www.heyfriday.ai/home
  15. https://www.frase.io/
  16. https://writesonic.com/
  17. https://www.writerly.ai/
  18. https://www.wordtune.com/
  19. https://wordai.com/
  20. https://webspellchecker.com/
  21. https://www.textmetrics.com/
  22. https://linktr.ee/addtextcortex
  23. https://blaze.today/
  24. https://simplified.com/
  25. https://www.sembly.ai/
  26. https://www.scalenut.com/
  27. https://rytr.me/
  28. https://www.articleforge.com/
  29. https://rasa.io/
  30. https://prowritingaid.com/
  31. h ttps://www.peppercontent.io/
  32. h ttps://www.outwrite.com/
  33. https://www.outranking.io/
  34. https://linktr.ee/nyle.ai
  35. https://neuroflash.com/
  36. https://narrato.io/
  37. https://lyne.ai/
  38. https://www.longshot.ai/
  39. https://www.lightkey.io/
  40. https://novelai.net/
  41. https://reply.io
  42. https://postello.ai

I already use #AI services and products to create marketing content – ads, articles, posts, images – services that work and give results for conversions, SEO, sales presentations. Many directions.

Let’s start with creating texts – a variety of scenarios – emails, email subject lines, posts, articles, tone changes, headlines for social networks, text summaries, value proposition creation, description of benefits based on functionality, and so on.

Andriy Burlutsky writes.

Ilya Kulbachny added 7 new AI tools for work:

  1. Descript’s Overdub learns and analyzes your voice, and then can reproduce any written text as if you were speaking it yourself. For playback, 10 minutes of listening to your conversation or speech will be enough. Or vice versa: you record your voice, it decodes it, and it makes it sound. And then, for example, you need to replace a word: rewrite the word or sentence, delete the unnecessary ones in the text, play it, and voila! – Overdub makes everything sound like you read it without awkward pauses or stutters. It will be useful for bloggers and all those who needed an overwatch for their videos. Fun fact: yesterday I heard a recording where in 2023 (!) on Joe Rogan’s podcast he talks to Steve Jobs about Apple, the current state and future of the company. That’s how it is in a diphone! Oh yeah, it’s also free for now.
  2. Watermark Remover is also a free, but not very legal and karmically wrong tool that allows you to remove watermarks from stock photos. But if, for example, you want to show photos in the context of a project and then, of course, buy a license for them, this will be useful.
  3. RunwayML – helps to remove anything from a video without being seen by the viewer. For example, the Olympics, all the athletes are there, and you want to remove a Russian – click and that’s it, there is no Russian in the video. Everything is as it should be. This company also has other interesting products for removing anything from everywhere. More information is available on the website.
  4. Rewind AI is a search engine for your Mac. It searches and finds, as the developers say, everything you’ve ever heard, seen, or done. You were texting with someone about something about a month ago and you need to remember it quickly, where and when it was, what you were talking about – you type in one or two words and it searches all the apps. For paranoid and privacy-conscious people, it guarantees security and doesn’t send your data anywhere, it works only locally. A kind of Spotlight on steroids. For now, it works only on Mac. Andreessen Horowitz recently invested $10 million in them. It means something potentially great. More information on the landing page.
  5. Tome AI will do all the work of creating presentations for you. We crossed ChatGPT and Dale-e and wow! Write a couple of words, make a press release on the impact of artificial intelligence on hip-hop and electronic music culture in 2023. It will write all the texts, select (generate) images, and make all the slides on its own. Cool, right? Of course.
  6. BHuman is a super tool for sales letters and outreach lead generators. Case study: you record one video with a greeting to customers, upload variables (name, company name), and automatically generate dozens of personalized videos with your face and voice, and send them to customers. Something like those personalized mugs and T-shirts we used to send in the cold on Linkedin, but on a new level!
  7. Compose AI – can help you write emails and finish the text you’ve started. It’s almost like GPT chat, but it’s installed as a Chrome extension and helps you with your work. The cool thing is that it learns to write in your style and offers answers almost exactly as you would. Advanced version of Gmail autocomplete based on AI.
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