“How to survive the death of a child?” is the first topic of the new Ukrainian-language podcast “Uncomfortable”

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For most women, a child does not stop being a child at the age of 18, and burying their child is the worst event in any parent’s life. Unfortunately, we have started burying our children much more often because of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“How to survive the death of a child” is the first topic of the new Ukrainian-language podcast “Inconveniently”. This podcast features two hosts, namely Nia Nickelis a mother of a child with a disability, medical activist and entrepreneur, and Vera Romanovaformerly a psychology professor at Stanford and Kyiv National University, and now a PhD in psychology, practicing consultant and psychologist for such international businesses as Amazon, discusses the issues we were taught to keep to ourselves.

“Awkward is when it is as difficult to ask a question as it is to answer it,” comments Vera Romanova. But we must raise these issues, help our loved ones cope with grief and become stronger every day.

On December 27, the first episode of the Inconveniently podcast was released on YouTube, where all future premieres will take place. We also created a Telegram community where you can follow the podcast announcements and ask your uncomfortable questions. A new issue will be published every 2 weeks.

The first topics of the podcast: “life after the death of a child”, “how to help yourself and friends in a difficult psychological state”, “how to forgive yourself for betrayal” and many other questions that may seem embarrassing at first glance.

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