The occupiers are reformatting units and forcing personnel to write reports to avoid compensation in case of injury or death

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After significant losses, the occupiers disband the notorious 15th Battalion of the “Bryanka” troops of the Second Army Corps of the Russian Federation. Its remnants will become part of other occupation units.

Families of Ukrainian passport holders who served in the “Bryanka” and died during the fighting are not being paid the promised 3 million rubles in compensation. Instead, relatives are informed that the battalion no longer exists and that the issue of any payments is closed forever. At the moment, we can only talk about a possible small increase in pensions. However, this issue has not been resolved in any way.

It is also known that the personnel of the 2nd motorized rifle battalion of the 3rd army corps of the Russian armed forces were ordered to write resignations. At the same time, some of the military indicated “their own desire” as a condition for dismissal, while others indicated “the end of the six-month contract”.

However, it turned out that the reports had not been given an “official go-ahead” and were all kept by the battalion commander. Currently, the soldiers themselves and their relatives report that the real purpose of the order is to deprive them of payments in case of injury or death.

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