An online exhibition of diaries of Ukrainians who witnessed the fighting has been launched

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The online exhibition “One More Day: War Diaries” has been launched on the Chitomo portal. There, Ukrainians talk about their experiences during the full-scale invasion in various formats.

The online exhibition features illustrations, poems, pictures, social media posts, comics, drawings, video blogs, and more. Even Serhiy Zhadan and many other interesting personalities with unique stories took part in the online exhibition. All of these people are united by a desire to record their traumatic but inevitable experience, which is part of the creation of the history of modern Ukraine.

People from all over Ukraine tell their stories in all possible ways. The exhibition features stories from Kyiv, Bucha, Kharkiv, Lviv, occupied Kherson, and many other cities that bore the brunt of the war.

The site also has a section with articles. Valia Vzduhlska and psychologist Anna Shyichuk talk about the benefits of therapeutic diaries, namely war diaries: what kind of therapy it is, why they were created, what is the essence and benefit of this technique, and more.

Source: The Ukrainians

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