Saving electricity: TOP five household appliances to turn off at night

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After Russia’s missile strikes on Ukrainian thermal power plants, the country may experience power outages. The authorities ask Ukrainians to save electricity whenever possible. Each of us must be conscious in these troubling times. For this period, it is worth not putting heavy loads on the power grid, Novosti.LIVE reports.

TOP five household appliances that should be turned off at night

Every apartment has appliances that lead a “secret life” and continue to work even after you turn them off. In this regard, you should unplug certain household appliances before going to bed. In a month, you will see in your bills that your bills have decreased. In the long run, this rule will save you a lot of money.

How to save electricity

The list of household appliances that consume electricity includes:

1. Boiler

This appliance always works, it heats the water and keeps it at the temperature you set. Even during the day, it is recommended to unplug the heated water heater to consume less energy.

2. 2.

Even when switched off, computers and laptops continue to work and draw power. And in the event of a power surge, the equipment can burn out, resulting in much more money lost. For such devices, it is better to buy an extension cord with a grounding device, a switch, and protective shutters.

3. 3.

A frequent habit of falling asleep under the TV can not only harm your sleep hygiene, but also take money out of your pocket. If you want to save light, do not leave this appliance running all night.

In addition, the remote control does not turn off the TV, but puts it into sleep mode. Thus, if you do not unplug the TV, it will continue to consume electricity.

It is worth noting that the set-top box for digital TV continues to work even after being turned off from the control panel.

4. Wi-Fi router

Smaller equipment, but it also consumes electricity. You will definitely do without the Internet while sleeping, so it’s best to disconnect your device from the network.

How to save electricity

5. Chargers

Charging a smartphone, laptop, etc. continues to consume power even when the device itself is not connected. Also, don’t leave your phone on charge overnight, as overcharging harms your smartphone and wastes energy.

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