Enemy propaganda spreads fake about Reserve+ hacking and selling its data on the darknet – evidence from InfoLight.UA

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Згенеровано нейромережею

For the second day, hostile telegram channels are full of messages that data from the Reserve+ application, which is used to update data in the TCC, has been hacked and is being sold on the so-called darknet.

We have checked the published fragment (screenshot) and can confirm that the data is fake. At the same time, they are “molded on the knee”, relying on the lack of critical thinking and unwillingness to verify information.

Given that we are talking about personal data, we will not publish any screenshots or other personal information, but will simply provide an algorithm for how anyone with access to the Internet can check the falsity of the published data.

  1. There is a public service portal where you can check the authenticity of your identification code. By entering the numbers from the list published on the website in sequence, you will get some strange results in terms of age at first, until you reach a female name that seems to be a junior sergeant.
  2. After that, when you log in to the YouControl service, you will find a woman with the same date of birth as the public service portal, but a slightly different surname and a completely different patronymic. And given that identification in Reserve+ is done through banking services, this is absolutely impossible.

So, at least one position is fake. However, we checked further. The next position is a soldier who is 61 years old. Although the mobilization of up to 60. And the place of residence indicated in the screenshot and the real one categorically do not match.

The next one is 65 years old and holds the rank of senior warrant officer. It was canceled in Ukraine back in 2019. But what is preserved in Russia…

This seems to be the end of the inspection…

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