Tucker Carlson’s show on Russia-24 goes off air in September 2023 – why it matters (UPDATED)

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Today, a number of Russian news outlets spread information that “American journalist Tucker Carlson has allegedly become the host of the author’s show Tucker, which began airing on Russia 24 TV channel.

Although the original source of this information seems to have been the Russian website ura.ru, a number of Ukrainian websites have disseminated this information.

In fact, this show will be aired on Russia-24 from September 2023. This can be checked on the website smotrim.ru.

The first issue was published in September 2023.

The show is a translation of the original English-language episodes.

In addition, official Russian sources, such as the so-called Rossiyskaya Gazeta, are reporting this in today’s news.

It was also in the news in September 2023.

Accordingly, there is no sensationalism and no additional need to retransmit this information today. And its spread is an additional stress for Ukrainians and a “betrayal”. And the influence of Russian special services on the mood of Ukrainians.

We ask our colleagues who published this to take the news down.

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