Muscovites will donate to Sich : During the so-called “Putin’s election,” Russians dumped money on drones for the GRU

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Ukrainian intelligence said that during the pseudo-elections in Russia, the largest donors of Sich drones to the GUR units were Russian citizens.

In four days, almost 3,000 people joined the international volunteer event organized by Freedom TV channel. Of these, 1,538 Russians, including 200 Muscovites, scanned the QR code from TV screens and gadgets.

It is symbolic that the peak of donations for drones for Ukrainian intelligence officers from citizens of the aggressor state coincided with the so-called “Putin’s elections.” Instead of participating in the Kremlin’s farce, conscious Russians decided to vote with dollars and euros for the sake of their country’s freedom.

This is the best investment in Russia’s free future, which can only come if the terrorist regime in the Kremlin is completely destroyed and dismantled.

Ukrainians from abroad, as well as citizens of Latvia, Germany, Poland, Moldova, and other countries, also joined the collection.

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