Trawler “Captain Lobanov” sinks in the Baltic Sea

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The trawler “Captain Lobanov” sank in the Baltic Sea – Russian propaganda media

Preliminarily, an explosion occurred on board in the Baltic Sea in a 10-mile zone, near the coast of the Kaliningrad region.

There were 7 crew members on board, four of them were injured. At least one person was killed.

The official representative of the Kaliningrad regional government, Dmitry Lyskov, said that several people were injured in the accident on the ship, but did not report any deaths. The fire, he said, was caused by an “emergency situation.”

According to the 112 Telegram channel, one of the sailors was killed. After the trawler sinks, they can’t find two more people.

Captain Lobanov is a small fishing trawler. Such vessels are used for fishing. Often, they are equipped with refrigeration units to allow for immediate primary processing of the catch.

This is not the first incident with Captain Lobanov. It was already sinking in June 2021. The trawler sank only partially and there were no casualties.

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