Timely solutions: Ukrainian defenders use armored vehicles copied from American models at the front

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In light of the difficulties with the supply of military equipment from the US and EU, the Ukrainian military is looking for new solutions to maintain its defense capabilities. The most recent of these creative outlets is the creation of the Kharakternyk and Sikach armored vehicles and the Lys armored personnel carrier, which are almost identical to the American HMMWV and M113.

“Lys” is an armored all-terrain combat tracked vehicle assembled in Ukraine based on the American M113 armored personnel carrier

Ukrainian engineers and mechanics were able to set up the production of these machines at internal facilities, which allows them to produce up to five copies per month. This allows us to quickly supply the frontline units.

Of course, this is not a full-fledged equipment manufacturing line, but rather a cottage industry. Nevertheless, we managed to achieve almost complete correspondence to the original samples. Of course, with certain technical features

said one of the developers.
“The Kharakternyk is a Ukrainian-made armored vehicle designed as an analog of the American all-wheel drive military vehicle HMMWV (Humvee) by AM General.

“The Kharakternik is made on the basis of GAZ-66 or Ford F-15 or F-350, while the Sikach uses the MTLB chassis and old BMP-1s. These machines not only confirm the high level of creativity of Ukrainian engineers, but also demonstrate their achievements in improving technology.

“The Sikach is a wheeled armored vehicle assembled in Ukraine at the end of 2023. It is a non-production analog of the basic model of the American International MaxxPro armored personnel carrier (MRAP), developed by Navistar Defense in cooperation with the Israeli company Plasan Sasa Ltd.

It is worth noting that the development of the Sikach required a deep modernization of the original M113. We changed the alloy, which made the armored personnel carrier less vulnerable, and improved the power plant, increasing the speed and maneuverability of the vehicle.

Although Ukraine cannot boast of a rich tradition of high-quality automotive manufacturing, we already have considerable experience as military operators, and together with the creativity of our engineers and mechanics, we have managed to do the almost impossible

explained one of the specialists who participated in the development of Ukrainian Humvees.

Engineers, while admitting that they produce without a license, believe that such a creative approach is necessary in a military environment. They hope for the understanding of their allies and are ready to share their experience in improving the equipment.

When I first got into this Humvee of ours, I could not have imagined that it was a copy, not the original. Almost everything here is exactly the same as in an American car. It was only when I was told that it was no longer a Humvee, but a Kharakternik, that I looked closely and noticed certain differences in the interior

The fighter with the call sign “Satan” admitted.

The operators of these machines are impressed with their efficiency and the ability to defend their positions with Ukrainian equipment. These innovations have stimulated the development of Ukraine’s own defense industry, which has already provided the world with such achievements as armored vehicles, artillery systems, and electronic warfare systems.

Of course, we do this without a license, so we had to do everything on the go, on the wheels, as they say. The war does not give us time to quickly coordinate all formalities.

We hope that our American allies will understand our situation and, given their problems with the supply chain at the legislative level, will not condemn us for this, but rather help us.

We, on the other hand, are ready to share our own experience in improving these machines. When people find out after the victory how we managed to set up the Humvee assembly line in Ukraine, everyone will be very surprised

said one of the authors of the development, using the call sign “Smoke”.

Source: Research and analytical group InfoLight.UA based on the materials of OBOZ.UA and open sources.

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