Operation December by the Russian Volunteer Corps – important details about the operation to free Navalny

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Russian Volunteer Corps publication “Operation December”, translated by InfoLight.UA

Since the beginning of October 2023, we, together with our supporters among the Russian law enforcement agencies, have been developing a plan to free Alexei Navalny from Penal Colony No. 6 in the Vladimir Region, transport him to the border with Ukraine, where he was to be handed over to the RDC reconnaissance group for evacuation to Ukraine. Below is the text of the commander of our partisan group. It was this group that was to implement most of the plan.

“According to the plan, we were supposed to take Alexei Navalny away from the convoy on the way to the IC-3 in the Yamalo-Nenets District by our group, and then immediately go with him to the border area with Ukraine, meet with the RDC reconnaissance group to cross the border and obtain asylum. Unfortunately, the security measures taken by the Federal Penitentiary Service and the FSB to prevent such scenarios have proven to be quite effective. The date of Oleksiy’s transfer was floating, and that is why the fact was concealed from the public. The date and time of the transfer was postponed several times, and in the end it began suddenly, on the direct oral order of the head of the FSIN, and our group did not have time to move to the area of the planned start of the operation.

On the date of Oleksiy’s death, the plan was being revised to become IR-3. Nevertheless, we are ready to share some of the data and photos we received during the preparation.

IK-6 plan
Enemy personnel

Concerned FSIN employees also gained remote access to the colony’s CCTV cameras.

Sewing section
Alexei Navalny in the office of Dmitry Nozhkin, head of the CF-6

Some of the data and documents to which we also gained access:

Checks on Oleksiy
Letters and inquiries from lawyers
Incoming documents

We also managed to get a transcript of Oleksiy’s communication with other prisoners. We also established contact with them to obtain data useful in the transaction.

17:30 – A private conversation in the dining room.

Navalny – Philosophe

“Navalny – I want to know the nuances of local rules, how you live, etc. Because the regime that was in (inaudible) is probably the stupidest, the most ridiculous.

Philosophe means the main principle here is that we live by the rules of the internal order. We fully adhere to the daily routine.

Don’t forget that this is a strict regime of a correctional institution. I noticed that you didn’t wear a mask while walking to and from meals. Here, the rules are that we all wear masks when lining up, holding mass events, and moving outside the local sector of the detachment. You need to do the same.

Navalny – Let’s get it straight! We’re all adults here, intelligent people…

Philosopheus – Adults, but not smart, if you were smart you wouldn’t be here!

Navalny: I agree. I mean, we know that it was built for me. You have your own functions, so please don’t intimidate me or confuse me. I understand that you have instructions for me! I understand and accept.”

We provide this data to the public for several purposes:

1) The regime’s dogs should know that the Russian Volunteer Corps has long arms. We know and can do a lot, and our resources are growing every day. Many of those who work in the system share our ideals and vision of the future, which means they will help us selflessly and will not be intimidated.

2) Unfortunately, we did not manage to save Oleksiy, but hundreds of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience remain in captivity. We believe in them and are working to get them out of the clutches of the regime one way or another.

3) Perhaps this and other data that we have in our hands will be able to help other organizations fighting against the criminal regime of the Kremlin. We are ready to cooperate.

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