A book about Putin’s lookalikes to be presented in Kyiv today

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On Wednesday, February 7, at 18:30, the Readeat bookstore invites you to the presentation of the book Today by Oleksandr Krasovytskyi. The event will take place in Kyiv, at the following address: vul. 50 Antonovich str.

The author’s novel is devoted to the topic of Putin’s doubles. The author is not only sure that they exist, but he describes everything that precedes this: plastic surgery, training, and instruction of these people. Problems related to situations when people close to Putin see them up close.

According to the book, it is these two doppelgangers who begin the struggle for power in Russia when Putin is finally assassinated.

Oleksandr Krasovytskyi’s new novel Today is set in the present day. The reader will recognize real characters and events that took place quite recently.

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