The enemy has launched another fake – that TCC employees are handing out summonses at funerals

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Another fake about mobilization is gaining momentum online: this time it is claimed that“TCC members came to the funeral of a fallen soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hand out summonses to unfortunate serfs who came to say goodbye to the Ukrainian who was disposed of by the gang of the 95th quarter….

This narrative was launched by the publication in the Russian media outlet Arguments and Facts of January 16, 2024, “From Date to Funeral. Top 8 ways to catch evaders in Ukraine”.

It contains, among other things, the following fragment:

Indeed, at the beginning of 2023, such information was disseminated. The original source was a video from TikTok by a user with the nickname @vovk14888 (a stereotypical nickname for Russian provocateurs), who, dressed in a military uniform and balaclava, with a changed voice, without chevrons (only SOF where insignia should be), said that in Skole, during a funeral procession, the TCC workers allegedly stopped it and handed out summonses to all the men.

The original video has now been removed from TikTok.

This information was disseminated on January 22, 2023, by a well-known “blogger” and opponent of mobilization, Marian Chava, and on January 23, 2023, by the TSN website .

However, in 2024, enemy propagandists recorded a new video from a man dressed in a military uniform.

Here is another video, both from TikTok and Telegram, but with a slightly different content – allegedly, TCC employees came directly to the funeral of the deceased soldier to serve his relatives with summonses.

We tracked that the video was first actively distributed in the comments section of Ukrainian public media, including UNIAN, and then through powerful Russian channels.

This hostile disinformation campaign is currently ongoing.

Refrain from disseminating unverified and questionable information.

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