What does the destruction of the Russian A-50 mean?

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The Ukrainian Air Force became the first to shoot down a Russian A-50U in the 21st century. Before that, such an aircraft was shot down in 1969, when a North Korean MiG-21 shot down an American EC-121. Let’s consider the consequences of this, based on information from our sources in the Ukrainian Defense Forces, materials from Military and Krym.Realii. .

As it turned out, a personalized A-50U “Sergei Atayants” with tail number 93966 , which belonged to the 610th Center for Combat Use and Retraining of Aircrew located in Ivanovo, was shot down over the Sea of Azov. The aviation technical base and the 308th aircraft plant are also located there.

Ivanovo is home to the Severny airbase, which houses A-50 and Il-22 aircraft. According to satellite images, the airbase houses 7 A-50 “coffins”, a large number of military transport Il-76s, and an unknown number of operational A-50s and Il-22s.


Firstly, the A-50 is a long-range radar detection aircraft based on the Soviet Il-76 military transport aircraft. This aircraft was used by Russia to detect and track air targets and coordinate fighter pilots during missile strikes on Ukraine.

The loss of the “scarce” A-50 will worsen the enemy’s ability to detect air, ground, and surface targets. At least for a while. Of course, Russia will find a plane to replace the downed A-50 – there is no doubt about it. But, obviously, to do this, they will have to expose another sector of “monitoring.”

A total of 8 A-50 aircraft are currently in service in Russia, which can be operated, according to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine. The Russian military-industrial complex is not able to compensate for this loss quickly, if at all. As well as the loss in people.

Secondly, the A-50 employs about 15-19 crew members, and these are very specific people in terms of skills. They are not so easy to replace, as Ukrainian intelligence believes, for example. This is an extremely important result for Ukraine.

Currently, there are only eight A-50s in good condition in Russia

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov believes.


As for the Il-22, it is a full-fledged air command post. At the time of the crash, there were about 5 people on board the IL-22.

As for the versions of the downing that the Kremlin broadcasts to its domestic audience, it is worth remembering that these planes have been flying the same route for almost two years. If this is a friendly fire, where was Russian air defense all this time? Question.

The A-50 was shot down and exploded… The Il-22 was heavily damaged, but unfortunately for us, it managed to make an emergency landing in Anapa.

noted the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov.
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