Ukrainian intelligence has reached the Russian military-industrial complex three times in two days at a distance of more than 900 km from the border

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Three attacks in two days, from the Leningrad region to Tambov:

  • January 18 – The GRU drones attacked the St. Petersburg oil terminal in the Leningrad region, the largest in the Baltic region, with great accuracy. Russia is using the St. Petersburg oil terminal to circumvent Western sanctions.
  • January 19 – Tambov Powder Plant and an oil depot in Klintsy, Bryansk region, were seized. The consequences of the strikes on the gunpowder plant are still being clarified.
  • As for the oil depot in Klintsy, there is a fire and significant damage: with a roar and other special effects, as they like in Russia.

In less than two days, Budanov’s team carried out three effective attacks on Russian military infrastructure deep behind enemy lines.

The Main Directorate of our intelligence gave us a hint: it is possible that the facilities on the territory of the aggressor country were hit by drones launched from inside Russia.

In any case, this is a signal to the enemy that a “severe thunderstorm” is approaching. Throughout Russia.

We are not confirming or denying, but simply stating. Cotton was in the Leningrad region before. But this time, it is a new quality of “cotton,” both in terms of geography and means of destruction

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Ukrainian intelligence of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.
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