11 best services that use artificial intelligence

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Here’s a fresh selection of the best services that use artificial intelligence and help in many areas:

HeyGen – allows you to create a video using only text. The speaker will be AI. You just need to choose a voice and an avatar. It will help YouTube bloggers and TikTok enthusiasts. There are free features and the Ukrainian language.

Eightify – allows you to extract key information from YouTube videos, saving you time. You just need to add a link to the video, and you’ll get all the content in text format.

Cohesive – is a convenient AI tool for creating content: publications, articles, interviews, essays, etc.

    Lovo – is a service for voice operations, including voice generation from text and online video editing. There are Ukrainian and pro bono opportunities.

    StockIMG – generate images from text using artificial intelligence.

    AI Code Converter – converts code from one programming language to another. An indispensable assistant for programmers.

    BrandBirdApp – converts your screenshots into graphics that match your branding.

    Landingsitewill help you create a website in just a few minutes.

    AIseo helps you create content with the right style, spelling, and grammar.

    A Million Dollar Idea is a tool for those looking for a business idea. The service offers 10 ideas in the selected industry based on current market trends.

    Platform ElevenLabs platform allows you to convert text to audio using AI technologies. The service can identify authentic speech while preserving the unique characteristics of the speaker’s voice, including his or her original accent.
    It supports more than 25 languages, including Ukrainian.

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