Photos from Kiva’s surveillance show that the GUR is probably preparing a sequel

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There is information that the accident that happened to Ilya Kiva, which resulted in two bullet wounds and his death, may have a continuation with other collaborators and traitors hiding in Russia.

Well-known blogger Sergey Ivanov published photos obtained from his own sources, which show the former MP of Ukraine during his last dinner at the Pushkin restaurant in Moscow.

Before the liquidation, Kiva was resting at the Pushkin restaurant in Moscow’s GUM, which, by the way, is very symbolic for other Pushkin apologists and lovers of luxury living for Russian money.

The “photo shoot” organized by the GUR lasted more than 3 months, and my sources say that there is a lot of interesting material. And not just about Kiva.

he writes .

Earlier, it was reported that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was behind the liquidation of Illya Kiva.

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