What is the Kremlin hoping for?

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The fatigue of Ukrainian society, the conflict between the military and the top political leadership of Ukraine, and the activities of Ukrainian useful idiots, politicians, journalists, and experts can provoke chaos, which will result in the internal destabilization of our country, which, according to Sergei Glazyev, is what the Kremlin is hoping for, as they still consider Ukraine to be a failed state.

We should not forget that during the Revolution of Dignity, Russian special services tried to provoke a civil war, taking advantage of the period of powerlessness in Ukraine, just remember the removal of Yanukovych by representatives of Russian military intelligence, led by Anatoly Chepiga, who was involved in the poisoning of former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK. In fact, it was the Kremlin that carried out a coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, trying to dismantle Ukrainian statehood.

Now, in order to demoralize Ukrainian society, the Russians will use three narratives on a large scale: the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny, the West’s betrayal of our country left alone with Russia, and the war to the “last Ukrainian” waged by the Ukrainian government, although, in fact, it is Russia that is carrying out terror in the occupied territories, forcibly mobilizing Ukrainians turned into expendable material by the Russian occupiers.

Therefore, those Ukrainian politicians who try to gain political points by using the narrative of the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny will in fact be playing along with the Kremlin, thus framing the Ukrainian military. Ukrainian politicians who call themselves uncompromising national patriots should publicly voice their position, because it is very strange when deputies from the European Solidarity faction are now telling Western politicians and experts about the need to freeze the war.

In the current geopolitical realities, freezing the war is unlikely, as the Kremlin, in exchange for a temporary truce, seeks to obtain the consent of the Ukrainian authorities to officially abandon the occupied Ukrainian territories at the end of hostilities, in addition, the bloody Kremlin also seeks to achieve Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO, and the indecision of Western politicians, whom even Russian diplomats consider to be people devoid of will and passion, will motivate representatives of Putin’s terrorist regime to continue military aggression

In addition, the West is also, in fact, absolutely not ready to freeze the war, because the commitments that would provide for consultations with our Western partners to provide military assistance after Russia starts a new military aggression are not reliable security guarantees. Ukrainians have not forgotten that the Budapest Memorandum also provided for consultations between the guarantor countries in the event of third-party aggression against Ukraine.

Therefore, the best guarantee of security, as the experience of West Germany and South Korea has shown, is the establishment of American military bases, but the American political elite is not ready for this scenario, nor for Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Most importantly, Western politicians and experts do not have an answer to the question: what will prevent imperialist Russia from “unfreezing” the conflict in Ukraine by taking advantage of China’s military aggression against Taiwan, which will create two fronts for the United States?

According to Anatoly Chubais, unlike Putin, who had anti-Soviet views and was convinced that the Bolsheviks were traitors to the Russian Empire, Nikolai Patrushev has always been sincerely nostalgic for the evil empire, with a goal of reviving the Soviet Union. Therefore, the Kremlin’s demand for NATO to return to its 1997 borders is not an empty threat; some influential Russian security officials do believe that Russia should regain control of the Soviet zone of influence in Central Europe.

Unlike Western politicians and experts, Anatoly Chubais believes that as early as 2024, the Russian Federation may see a split in the elites, most of whom are not interested in living in a country that has been transformed into an “Orthodox Iran.” From the point of view of adequate representatives of the Russian elite, the Kremlin Fuhrer’s adventure led to the defeat of Russia, which failed to destroy Ukraine’s independence, the defeat of our country, which was turned into a training ground, and the victory of the United States and China.

Unfortunately, Western politicians and experts who claim that the West is tired forget that during the period of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Nazi Germany already controlled territories from Norway to North Africa, so despite the slow military aid to Ukraine, the results of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield are very effective.

The position of some supporters of realpolitik in the United States who believe that America has already received everything it wanted from supporting Ukraine deserves special attention, so continuing to provide assistance to our country, from their point of view, is geopolitically unprofitable. It is very strange that these American realists forget about the geographical location of Ukraine, which, unlike South Vietnam, is located in the center of Europe, having borders with NATO member states, which in the future, if Putin’s terrorist regime is not dismantled by then, will be threatened by imperialist Russia.

Ukraine is not a perfect country, just as other US allies were not perfect. For example, in South Korea, real democratization took place only in the late 1980s, Italy managed to dramatically reduce the influence of the mafia only in the early 1990s, and in Hungary, which is now a member of NATO and the EU, until the late 1990s there was a territorial center of the Russian Solntsev criminal group in Budapest, with which Hungarian security forces and politicians, including Viktor Orban, actively cooperated.

Therefore, the West faced a simple choice: either Ukraine will be able to maintain its independence, or Ukrainians will fight together with Russians against Western countries, as Chechens are now doing fighting for imperialist Russia, and it is not without reason that Kadyrov accused the West of not helping Chechens fight for Chechen independence in the 1990s.

Of course, Ukraine needs to develop its military-industrial complex, but without U.S. assistance in the short and medium term, our country is unable to deter Russia. Despite their powerful industries, the Soviet Union and Great Britain would have lost to Nazi Germany without U.S. assistance, just as Israel, which has a developed military industry, is unable to withstand a prolonged conflict of attrition without American military assistance.

When Ukraine’s resilience directly affects the possibility of victory in the internal elite struggle for adequate representatives of the Russian elite who can end the war, which is not beneficial to either Russia or Ukraine, when more and more Taiwanese people have doubts about the reliability of US security guarantees before the elections in Taiwan, when imperialist China is closely studying the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, when “American Bolsheviks” [isolationists] are seeking to destroy the system of checks and balances created by the founding fathers of the United States, there is no need to ask who the bell tolls for, because it rings loudly throughout the West.


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