In one of the videos of Hamas militants storming the Erez crossing point on the first day of the invasion, Russian is heard

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A representative of the Palestinian group Hamas told CNN how Russia indirectly helped prepare an attack on Israel. According to Ali Barka, the production of Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition was established in the Gaza Strip with Moscow’s permission.

The factories established by Hamas produced rockets with a range of up to 250 km, mortars and shells for them. Barak pointed out that preparations for the invasion lasted two years and were kept in the utmost secrecy.

Russia sympathizes with us. After the attack, they sent us a message. They are happy that America has intervened in Palestine. This reduces American pressure in Ukraine. So we are not alone on this battlefield

In the published video, Russian is heard, the words “cover”.

Hamas militants storming the Erez crossing on the first day of the invasion. Russian is heard in the video.
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