Humanitarian aid has arrived from Moldova: 32 pallets of medicines and medical devices

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The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine reports receiving another large shipment of humanitarian aid from Moldova: this time 32 pallets of antibiotics, anesthetics and medical supplies weighing 13 tons.

In particular:

  • 102460 packages of antibiotics for the preparation of injectable solutions,
  • 3040 vials of Propofol (used intravenously as a short-term general anesthesia),
  • 7500 pieces of solution transfusion systems.

The humanitarian aid arrived through one of the border checkpoints, where it was met by coordinators from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It was donated by the Moldovan Coalition for Unity and Welfare (CUB) in collaboration with the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Medeferent Group.

“This aid is important for our medical institutions, which treat and rescue victims of the full-scale war. Thank you!”

said Maria Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development.

The CUB representatives emphasized that they would continue to support Ukrainians in their fight against the Russian aggressor, and this assistance would be permanent.

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