Useful services based on artificial intelligence

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Services for improving and translating texts:

AI-powered tools can translate at the level of professional translators and improve texts like real editors.

  1. DeepL

DeepL, known as the “world’s most accurate translator,” is a machine translation service that outperforms its competitors such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The tool offers translation of texts, images, and entire files into 31 languages and is constantly updated to provide even more accurate translation of text meanings, including specialized professional jargon.

  1. Wordtune

Thanks to the use of natural language processing (NLP) technology, Wordtune allows you to rewrite any document, making it more understandable and engaging for readers. This tool is able to reformulate the text if it contains many similar words or phrases, suggest alternatives to terms, and change the structure of sentences. Wordtune works with English-language texts and is an excellent resource for those who want to write at a professional level close to native speakers.

Image generation technology has made significant progress in recent years. Nowadays, artificial intelligence can compete with artists and illustrators, as it is able to create images from scratch based on a text description or an original, perform partial imaging, modify existing images, and much more.

  1. Deep Dream Generator

It is one of the most famous image generators based on artificial intelligence. It has been trained on millions of images and is used primarily to create images for websites and illustrations for articles. This tool is very easy to use: just upload an image from which a new unique image will be generated. You can also provide a textual description of what you would like to see in the created image. For example, I can enter the phrase “sunny morning, cheerful Monday”.

Services for code generation:

On public repositories, artificial intelligence has managed to learn the process of writing code on its own. Several services that can help you code.

  1. Codex is a service from OpenAI that converts plain language into code. Artificial intelligent assistants for programmers that complement the code, such as GitHub Copilot, have already been created on the basis of Codex.
  2. Pigma is a service that can turn designs created in Figma into code.
  3. CodeWhisperer is an artificial intelligent assistant for programmers from Amazon that adapts to the developer’s style and can generate more than ten lines of code at a time.
  4. Kite and Tabnine are artificially intelligent plugins that offer developers to automatically output the next lines of code.

There are a few other interesting services worth mentioning:

  1. Reface is a Ukrainian AI app that reached the first place in the US AppStore and beat such popular platforms as TikTok, Netflix, and Amazon. It allows users to replace faces in videos or GIFs using a neural network that has been trained on millions of available images.
  2. Riffusion is a web service that uses a neural network to generate music based on text prompts. With this special tool, users can create various melodies and sound combinations directly on the service’s website. For example, you can ask Riffusion to create and record “jazz with elements of summer rain.”
  3. Elsa is a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to check and correct English pronunciation. This service is able to analyze your pronunciation and compare it with a native speaker, providing feedback for improvement. The built-in dictionary allows you to look up words and practice their pronunciation. The app also provides access to over 1600 lessons on more than 40 topics, including travel and conversation.

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