Manipulation of David Arakhamia’s statement on the consequences of nuclear weapons deployment in Belarus is spreading in social networks and media

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“The head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, suggested the possibility of additional mobilization due to the possible deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus” – these are the headlines that have been circulating in some Ukrainian media and telegram channels for the last hour. The media refer to the words of David Arakhamia on Sky News.

Here is the interview:


A fragment of the interview that is being shared:

What did David Arakhamia say when asked about the consequences of the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus?

So we all, the whole world, must be prepared. I think that if this does happen, we are facing a real challenge – the emergence of a second front. This is more than a thousand kilometers of potential frontline.

This will mean a real challenge to attract even more people to the army. Because we will need at least eight more brigades to control this front line.

Fortunately for us, these areas are mostly swamps, which means it will be difficult to break through them. So, if we control the roads, it will reduce our vulnerabilities.

In fact, the media did not make a mistake, but they put more clickbait fragments in the headlines, focusing on mobilization rather than opening a second front.

An example of a correct presentation of the news
an example of incorrect presentation of news
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