December 28 – presentation of the InfoLight.UA project report “What Russia’s propaganda was talking about: The main narratives”

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On Wednesday, December 28, at 15:00, the Lviv Regional Youth Center will host a presentation of the 2022 report of the InfoLight.UA project’s Research and Analysis Group “What Russia’s Propaganda Was Talking About: The main narratives”.

The InfoLight.UA project implements training programs to improve media literacy and combat fake news and propaganda. Along with the training, the information field is monitored to identify and refute Russian propaganda and disinformation, and to search for Russian agents of influence. The project’s information resources publish infographics and videos to raise awareness among civilians and partially among the military about actions, equipment, and safety during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

A special emphasis is placed on creating an information product for Ukrainians in the occupied territories and on cooperation between civil society and the army.

The project is implemented by the Democracy Promotion Foundation (Ukraine) with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine (Germany).


  • Valeriy Maidaniuk, PhD in Political Science, lecturer and methodologist at InfoLight.UA.
  • Valentyn Balahura, political scientist, public figure, expert on socio-political issues of the InfoLight.UA project.
  • Yuriy Goncharenko, information security expert, vice president of the NGO Foundation for Promotion of Democracy, project manager of InfoLight.UA

Address: m. Lviv, ul. 12, 2nd floor, Vinnichenko St.

Broadcast of the event:

InfoLight.UA website: https://infolight.in.ua/

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