“Migrant workers” from Russia are being brought to the occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia region by deception, the circulation of hryvnia is being banned and the male population is being compulsorily registered

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400 “migrant workers” from Russia arrived in the temporarily occupied Berdiansk. It turned out that during recruitment they were promised work in Russia. However, they changed the route and brought it to the occupied territories. All newcomers are tasked with digging trenches and preparing Berdiansk for defense. After realizing the situation, some of them managed to flee to the territory of Crimea to return to Russia. The occupiers took those who remained under heavy guard and forced them to work in two shifts. The “migrant workers” themselves say that they are now “like convicts at work.”

At the same time, checkpoints on all roads around Berdiansk have been reinforced. All vehicles have been inspected for both entry and exit. Those who do not have a local residence permit are not allowed into the city. Mobile communication is partially jammed.

In Tokmak, the occupiers are trying to ban the use of the Ukrainian hryvnia. To do this, they distribute leaflets and messages through social media. They call for exchanging cash hryvnia for rubles at the branches of the Russian Promsvyazbank, Tsmrbank and MRB Bank.

The units of the Russian Armed Forces’ SSO, which took part in the fighting against Ukraine in the Kherson direction, arrived in Melitopol. The personnel of the units do not want to continue participating in the fighting and demand rotation. There are complaints about poor supplies and the lack of heavy weapons.

The occupation administration of Melitopol is also taking measures to force the military commissariats of the Russian Federation to register the male population. It is planned to use Ukrainian citizens in hostilities against the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

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