Odesa residents offer to exchange monument to Catherine II for our prisoners under threat of its destruction

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A petition has been created on the website of the President of Ukraine a petition with a proposal to exchange the monument to Catherine the Great in Odesa for our prisoners, under the threat of its destruction.

This monument to Catherine II has no value except ideological (for the so-called “Russian world”). Given how symbolic this monument is for the supporters of the “Russian world,” it would be much more pragmatic to use it to free our military from captivity by exchanging them for this monument, under the threat of its complete destruction. If this monument is of irrationally great value to the enemy, it should be used.

is stated in the the description of the petition .

It should be noted that the monument to Catherine II has been painted over 10 times. The monument was “dressed” in a hangman’s costume with a gallows in his hands, painted several times, and left with the message “Catherine = Putin.” The final step was the complete closure of the monument with a “sarcophagus” in preparation for its future dismantling.

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