How to become a fighter on the information front and help the state in the war? (Part One)

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On February 24, many Ukrainians stood in line at the military registration and enlistment office to get weapons to defend the state. For various reasons, many men and women were denied the opportunity to go to the front by the military. Because of this, some of you began to provide for the Armed Forces, others to care for internally displaced persons, etc. However, someone is still thinking about where they could be useful. This article may be of interest to people who want to help the state in the information warfare.

The modern era of the global information space has led to the fact that wars are taking place not only directly on the battlefield, but also outside it. Awareness of this fact is extremely important, because anyone can join the process of confrontation: 1. ready to allocate your time; 2. is able to think critically; 3. wants to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The term “information warfare” was first heard in the 70s of the twentieth century. It all started when Book A was published. Dallas’s Secret Surrender. The author defines this term as a special type of intelligence special operations. Subsequently, T. Rona also used these two words in a report on Weapons Systems and Information Warfare, which was prepared for Boeing. The author wrote that information infrastructure is a key element in building an economy. He also noted that it can be subject to significant threats from competitors and enemies, and therefore it is necessary to be able to counteract this.

These two authors became the actors who launched the topic into a massive discussion around the world. The military did not stand aside and realized that this was also an important area for them. To avoid going into the history and other aspects, we can get straight to the point: how to become a fighter on the information front?

First, you need to objectively assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of information management. If you have been involved in these processes before, the easiest way is to communicate directly with the military, who may hire you, or you may help them with certain tasks on an ad hoc basis. For example, you can do it here: https://sprotyv.mod.gov.ua/rekrutyng/

If you have not worked with information before but want to learn something new, you should find lecture courses on this topic. By the way, our resources contain a lot of useful materials with specific advice. At the same time, find experts in the field, read their articles and watch their videos, because they can put you on the right track. This will make it easier for you to find new materials that will enhance your knowledge. Over time, you will gradually understand the issues and meet like-minded people to solve them.

It should be understood that not everyone can directly get into the government agencies that ensure systematic work in the information war. However, you can become an active contributor to Ukraine’s overall efforts in this area. It is also important that there should be separate autonomous units that the enemy cannot identify, etc. The division of this sphere into state and civilian branches contributes to the ability to effectively counteract if one of the branches has difficulties.

If we talk about the place and technical means of the subject of information wars, we often see a picture in various Hollywood movies of a man sitting behind a huge number of screens, quickly clicking on the keyboard, switching from one device to another. In reality, everything looks different in person. Information warfare is often conducted using only one technical tool that allows to purposefully change, destroy, copy or block information, neutralize security systems, restrict access, introduce disinformation or misinformation, etc.

Thanks to the above activities, we can achieve significant success in the information battlefield, which will ultimately be useful for our military on the front line. An artificially organized process of chaos in public sentiment, as well as misleading the enemy’s military and political command, is becoming quite possible even for those working from a mobile phone.

More information on how to conduct information warfare will soon be available in our next article.

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