CNN journalists show how Russian Volunteer Corps fighters defend Zmeinyi Island from Putin’s troops (VIDEO)

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Today, more than ever, Zmiinyi Island holds a special place in Ukrainian military folklore. His daring defense – when the Russian warship was told to “go to hell!” – and then recapture, rallied the nation in the first months of the conflict with Russia, shattering the myth of the invaders’ superiority. This is about reports CNN, the first foreign journalists to visit the liberated island.

Now the island is being defended by the Russian Volunteer Corps.

This is the first report of its kind in this war: the scale of destruction and the fierceness of the fighting for this pile of stones in the Black Sea is clearly visible: exploding shells, tripwires, twisted and burned equipment – this is the current reality on the island in the Black Sea.

The soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps have once again been given a great honor and trust to keep watch in this sacred place!

write they write on their telegram channel
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