Ukraine has developed a mobile application that allows stores to serve customers offline during blackout

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The Brave store mobile application, developed by Nielsen and Datawiz for retailers, ensures uninterrupted cash register operation in the absence of power and communication. Many networks are already using it. This was reported by rau.ua.

The cost of blackouts For more than 9 months now, our country, its businesses and our people have been fighting a heroic battle against the aggressor, which continues to insidiously destroy Ukraine’s energy system and our economy. According to Nielsen, for example, convenience stores, which are most affected by long-term outages, lose an average of UAH 15,000-150,000 per day. The share of write-offs increased more than 11 times (from 0.2% to 2.2% of turnover), millions of dollars in refunds to suppliers of spoiled products (mainly dairy and meat categories), staff reductions, and lost taxes to the budget (UAH 3,000-30,000 of VAT daily).

To enable stores to operate and sell products during a power outage and thereby reduce losses, Nielsen has developed and launched a new urgent, important project for businesses and the entire country – the Brave store offline mobile application for any store format.

This is a mobile application that will allow partner stores to operate without electricity and without communication.

The main advantages of the application

This application works offline with IOS and Android systems, which allows any store to operate, pay taxes, reduce losses/writes off, and most importantly, ensure food security in the country, because the economy must work, business must work, and staff must work.

The company provides free integration, training, and launch in 1-2 business days after the details are agreed upon. A flexible format of work with a monthly payment for the required number of licenses at a cost that is 10-12 times less than the cashier’s salary. After downloading and activating the application, the cashier opens the application on his or her own device (phone or tablet) and uploads the price list in Exel format to the application.

The price can be updated daily or weekly. You can even send a price list in a fixed xls format to a point of sale via messenger or e-mail. The old price will be overwritten automatically.

At the same time, the program stores receipts and analytics (average receipt, penetration, etc.), allows QR-ization of receipts for quick processing in the system, or outputting receipts in the form of a barcode.

The application has an integrated barcode scanner, interactive product search by internal code, weight entry for weighted products, the ability to easily delete erroneous products or enter a comment (for example, a customer number to send a copy of the receipt or, using an integrated additional scanner, to enter the excise number of the product and see the total amount of the receipt).

That is, all the important and necessary functionalities (scanner, excise scanner, interactive search, the ability to label goods (an additional field for entering/scanning the excise number), marking receipts that will need to be sent to the buyer after the return of communication and electricity through the CA) have been taken into account.

The system saves all receipts and allows you not to lose analytics by transferring data when the Internet is available in any number of hours/days.

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