Why is it better in the countryside? – basic tips if you decide to survive the lack of electricity in the countryside

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Recently, the mayor of Kyiv asked residents to leave the city if possible. Journalists, prone to loud headlines, presented this as a “sensational” statement about the need to evacuate 3 million people.

We have already analyzed this situation.

However, it should be noted that it is much easier to survive possible power and heat outages in a village than in a large city.

We will further analyze in detail what essentials you will need.

However, you should already choose a house based on the following criteria.

  1. Availability of a water source independent of electricity – a well, a hand pump to a well, or at least a river from which water can be drawn.
  2. A stove that can be heated with wood, coal or briquettes.
  3. The area should be minimal, sufficient for living, but not excessive, so as not to waste unnecessary resources.
  4. Under no circumstances should there be any critical infrastructure or military facilities nearby.
  5. Mountains and mountainous terrain are also a danger, because a missile strike on a mountain will cause avalanches. The same applies to rivers and reservoirs, take into account the possibility of dam destruction and flooding of certain areas.

Don’t chase comfort in the countryside, your task is to survive.

All other tips are in the following articles.

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