Heroes of the resistance. The story of footage from liberated Kherson that went viral

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Despite the occupation, Liudmyla kept the Ukrainian flag and weapons with her. The National Resistance Center talked to the heroine, who became one of the symbols of resistance to the occupation in Kherson.

On November 21, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Dignity and Freedom. Dignity and freedom are what we have and what the enemy has never had. Even under occupation, we remain free.

The heroine of this video preserved the Ukrainian flag, despite the risks to her life, by hiding it in a cache. However, it was not just the flag that was hidden in the backyard of her house. The woman also saved an air pistol and binoculars.

All these things belonged to Lyudmyla’s son, but the woman was afraid that during the alleged searches, the occupiers would find a flag, a gun and binoculars, and then she would be repressed.

It is worth noting that Lyudmyla’s story is not an isolated example of victory and patriotism in an occupied city.

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