Political expert: “Cotton season” has begun in Moscow

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The season of “cotton” blooming in the Russian capital has begun, writes the well-known political scientist Alexei Golobutsky and gives examples from the news of the Russian capital.

To see the beauty, just Google: “fire moscow” and watch (via VPN) the news from the Russian capital for the last few days)

he writes .

In his opinion, the residents of the Russian capital are gradually beginning to understand what it is like to live under constant anxiety. And the realization that anything can catch fire at any time, anywhere, and at any time does not give you confidence in the future. Even if we take into account only the next couple of days, Moscow news gives a lot of room for imagination. The first day of November began with the news of a fire at the Nikolo-Khakhovka construction market. The fire started in one of the trade tents and quickly spread further.

According to witnesses, the incident was preceded by the famous “pop” followed by clouds of smoke. Then the fire quickly engulfed three pavilions at once.

The next day, on November 2, a car caught fire right on the roadway on Balaklava Avenue. Until firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire, traffic on the avenue was completely blocked.

In just a few days, there were fires in large markets, shopping centers, and administrative buildings. Cars and warehouses are on fire. The media are careful to report small “pops”.

The abnormal heat was added to careless smoking and coffee drinking. They decided to freeze Ukraine, so let them warm up now)

summarizes Oleksiy Holobutskiy.
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